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As children become teenagers they will usually want more independence from their parents.  This is a normal part of growing up but it can cause problems if it isn’t well managed.  Be prepared for some conflict over this period.  This is normal.

To assist with the process, as teenagers begin to demonstrate increased responsibility they can be allowed increased independence.   Every parent needs to develop their own approach toward achieving this.  One important element in the process is to compromise at times instead of demand.  This will encourage your teenager to actively engage in the decision making process within a safe environment which in turn will provide them with great skills as they get older.

(Triple P Positive Parenting Programs – Selected Teen)

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College News

Chinese Pen Pals

Chinese Pen Pals

Most Year 8 Chinese students have received a pen pal letter from our Chinese sister school, Jinan No. 9, in response to the letters they sent late last year.

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Parent Teacher interview night

Parent Teacher interview night is on Wednesday 29 March from 3:15pm to 7:15pm. Parents and caregivers are able to make appointments to discuss their children's progress in any of the year groups, Years 7-12. Please click on the Parent Teacher Online link in the box to the left on this page to book. If you have any difficulties please phone the College on 9309 0808.

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Joondalup Twilight Parade Festival 1 April 2017 6:30pm - 7:10pm

Joondalup Twilight Parade Festival 1 April 2017 6:30pm - 7:10pm

Please join in on the fun and show your support of our students by attending the upcoming parade, which marks the College’s first involvement in this special event.

Joondalup Twilight Parade Festival 1 April 2017 6:30pm - 7:10pm - Read More…

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